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Hilary Quinn trading as Proximo Web Design, has been helping businesses in Ireland for over ten years to achieve a page one ranking in Google for related searches. As a magician or mentalist it’s so important that you: 1. Find high traffic search queries you can target. 2. Get a high ranking in Google towards those identified searches. You can read more about Hilary’s SEO service here. 

Read below for more information on this SEO package for performers, exclusively available through Deceive Reality to help magicians/mentalists to get a page one Google ranking. Whether you have a Wix, Weebly, Shopify or self-hosted website, this information will be invaluable to inform your content strategy and improve your ranking.


First of all, Hilary will teach you how to add your domain to Google Search Console. This is a tool that displays what searches you are currently ranking for, how many pages on your website have been successfully indexed into the Google database, and any pressing current issues that could be effecting the health of your website. Specifically looking for any large amount of server errors occurring and ensuring your website isn’t currently subject to any manual actions by Google that could be de-ranking you. At a more sophisticated level, we can drill down and see your top performing pages which we can use to drive traffic to lower performing pages. Along with the number of clicks through to your website from various search data. This data will form the basis of your SEO website audit.


You send on a list of searches you want to appear for (or rank higher for) on pages 1-3 in Google. Those keywords need to be inserted both into the HTML code behind your web site, and also into some existing and/or new articles/pages. We may recommend new page creations to target specific keywords more successfully and give you other tips and tricks! (Secret sauce, hire us to find out your custom recipe!) We will research your keywords against other similar ones, and see what will be the most effective based on data from Google Keywording Tool. Your HTML page titles, meta descriptions, heading tags and content must output the correct content to target identified keywords. Your provided document will give you 20 section or article titles, based on Google search data, that would benefit your website and bring in targeted traffic.


We may recommend a light refresh of your design if necessary to complement our content strategy. Your home page will have recommended edits with both Googlebot and web visitors in mind, in particular the addition of heading tags on the home page and internal pages, plus text based content on relevant pages hitting our keywords and giving quality content to Google to maximise ranking per page. Recommendations will be made on any UX/UI (User experience) issues or improvements that can be made across the desktop and mobile display of your website. We will always mark these according to urgency. You will be supplied with a pdf document with all of the data above to keep.

ZOOM CALL (Additional Extra)

Hilary will be available for a 30 minute zoom call, this call will go through the above SEO audit in greater detail. Hilary will explain the function of various pages on your website from a marketing perspective and give additional tips on how to get more leads or sales. You will subsequently be supplied with the full PDF document with all of the SEO Audit information included. Hilary will also be available via email, to answer any questions or queries you may have.


Find out more about Proximo Web Design at Hilary comes highly recommended by clients, connect with her on LinkedIn to see testimonials from her happy and long-standing customers.

Upon Order

Once you order this item you will receive a form in your email to fill out. Once you have this completed and sent it to Hilary, she will get to work auditing your website.