BAG OF TRICKS Instructions

Thank you so much for support Deceive Reality by purchasing Bag of Tricks and welcome to the secret world of being a magician! Please find all the instructions below:

2 Thumb Tip Tricks

As well as silk & salt as shown in the video, you can also use the thumb tip with the follow:

  • Small amount of liquid
  • Napkin instead of silk
  • Folded Note (Euro/Dollar/Pound/etc.)
  • Sweet/Candy wrapper
  • Jellies/Skittles/M&Ms/etc.

These are just some ideas so make sure you experiment with what you find around you! Be creative.

Crazy Man's Handcuffs (Created by Michael Ammar)

This effect was created by the wonderful Michael Ammar and we highly recommend you check out all of his work.

Travelling Sponge Balls

2 More Travelling Sponge Ball Tricks

Using the techniques taught in the 2 sponge ball videos, you can perform the multiplying sponge balls as Steve did at the end of this video. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Telekinetic Ring

Make sure you practice and get a feel for the elasticity of any new rubber band you use to ensure a smooth release of the band

Learn the French Drop

As mentioned in the video, experiment with small object around you such as rings, popcorn, sweets/candy, pen caps, etc.

On Table Vanish

This trick works best at a table where your knees are below the table surface. Make sure you keep your knees together so the coin/object does not fall to the floor. If using a smaller table ensure there is something on the ground the reduce noise. As with the french drop, also experiment with other objects.

Learn 2 Tricks with the Key Card

Please do not under estimate this technique, and make sure you explore all the other tricks you could use it for.

Using The Force (Criss Cross)

This is just one way of forcing a card but it is one of the best! Do not feel nervous when doing the "move". The more casual you are when you do this the less attention the audience will pay to it.